Geothermal Energy in Business and Industry

Geothermal energy powers a cooling system for CSIRO’s revolutionary Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder in mid west Western Australia. The network of 36 radio antennas will observe space at 50 times the sensitivity of any prior technology known to man.

Geothermal Systems Australia provides the most economical, cost effective and environmentally friendly method of heating and cooling all types of buildings. Our Geothermal Systems are far less expensive to operate than traditional heating and cooling methods and can save you up-to 70% on your current costs. Our systems work all year round and can be installed to both new and existing buildings. Your businesses may even be eligible for a government grant to cover a majority of the installation costs.

Geothermal Systems Australia specialises in heating and cooling solutions for:

A Geothermal System can be incorporated into the construction of a new building or facility, or “retro-fitted”, meaning installed in an existing structure. Geothermal Systems require no ventilation and use 50-80% less mechanical space, so they are easy to incorporate into any building design. They’re also very safe, with no Carbon Monoxide vapours produced. Best of all they’re a very environmentally friendly energy solution that reduces your operation’s carbon footprint while saving you money at the same time.

Space Heating and Cooling

Providing comfort for customers and employees in the form of heating and air conditioning is a significant cost for a business. As fossil fuel prices steadily rise, and the importance of environmental responsibility takes the spotlight, it’s no small problem to tackle.

A Geothermal System is the perfect solution for saving on heating and cooling, as well as showing the general public that you’re doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint. Contact us and we can explore a variety of installation options to suit your business and get you the best savings so your installation pays for itself in the shortest possible time.

Hot and Cold Water Production

It is estimated that water heating represents 35% of the overall energy costs in the hospitality industry, 32% for restaurants, and 18% in the healthcare industry. Hot water heating is often overlooked as a controllable cost to a business, as a reliable, constant alternative to heating water using fossil fuels has not been available. Geothermal energy is the perfect solution for generating hot, and cold water, without using gas or electricity.

Our Geothermal Systems can heat water to 55 degrees Celsius simply by taking energy from the earth. Coupled with a booster, they can provide all the hot water your business needs. Chilled water can also be generated in the same way, for a variety of applications.

Broader Applications of Geothermal Energy

The more applications your Geothermal System can be applied to, the more you will save and the faster it will pay for itself. Geothermal energy can be used to regulate the temperature of mechanical equipment, power small coolrooms, heat swimming pools and saunas, and more.

To find out how many ways our Geothermal System can save you on energy usage and costs, and reduce your carbon footprint, Contact us.

Did You Know?

Up to 45% of the sun’s energy is absorbed by the ground beneath our feet.

Geothermal energy harnesses this stored energy, combined with warmth from the Earth’s core, to power everything from pool heaters, to air conditioners, to power stations.


“As a physicist, for me, it makes such simple sense – when it’s sweltering on the surface, the earth remains cool, and when it’s cold on top, the earth stays relatively warm.

“If every Australian household installed a geothermal heat pump, we could single- handedly meet our 2020 renewable energy target.”

Dr Donald Payne

“We have had a very comfortable winter at a cost that is only a fraction of what I paid for fossil fuel in our previous properties.

“I was so impressed with the systems’ performance that I had two geothermal heating and cooling systems installed in my new home.”

Lynn Thomas
Property Investor

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